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config management/database (was Re: Control Panel)

Previously Robert Woodcock wrote:
> You can read about the communications scheme in Wichert's proposal
> (that document covers the whole enchilada -
> http://www.debian.org/~wakkerma/design5.txt)

ooh ooh, I'm mentioned!

I intend to finally take some time tomorrow to rewrite a bit of that to
reflect the things we discussed about a month ago.

I also discovered then I don't have enough time to write this thing
myself. But since it is designed to be modular it can easily be used for
other projects as well, and I think GNOME could really benefit from
something like this.

Also this project is way too important to let it slack, and I have some
really big plans for using this after its done (don't ask about them

So what I really need is people to help coding with this. For the first
bit (library API and module structures) I desperately need people who
are good at C coding, for the second stage (good interfaces to the
database) some perl DBI experts and other programmers would be useful.

So.... is there anyone who has some time to work on this? I have just
enough time to help designing the code and doing some debugging, but my
schedule is a bit too full to do the major coding :(


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