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Re: Control Panel

> Gnome integration is fine - for a frontend.
> The backend shouldn't be tied to any particular interface. It should
> probably be able to fit in the base system, and there should be a simple
> frontend that programs can use from maintainer scripts.

Sure. But one Implementation is better than none. All Proposals about a
debian amdintool are nice, but till now nobody did an implementation.

So for know: the proposals are suggestion how to implement. If you do it
different : fine. Thats even better than the current yust talk and do nothing

> Frontends should be available for everything - libraries, shell scripts,
> ttys, X, fbcon, win32, macos, java, web servers and therefore browsers...

replace that with "it should be possible to write frontends for everything".
better one working frontend than many desings, but no code.


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