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Re: Control Panel

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On 19 Mar 1999, Robert Woodcock wrote:
> >
> >(and please, Please, PLEASE!! remember that not everyone in the world
> >likes or wants gnome..  there are even CONSOLE USERS out there still
> >believe it or not.  Some by choice, some by necessity and slow hardware. 
> >Don't forget about them)
> Hmmm, looks like we're not gonna have much trouble coming up with the
> front-end - we already have two, one for tcl/tk and now one for gnome :)
> What we need is a good backend. Something that coordinates with the
> packages to actually get the configuration data changed and have the program
> use it.

In the interests of "Gnome integration" I'll toss in a couple of comments:

1) The Right Way (tm) for this to work in Gnome is to write applets for
the Gnome Control Center. There's no need to write a control panel
application from scratch.

2) Gnome is looking to replace the current Gnome config file parser with 
something more flexible (which allows LDAP, etc.) - there is room to work 
on a common library here that all Gnome apps would automatically use.

OK that's it. I don't have time to work on this, I just wanted to make you
aware of the Gnome-related issues, in case anyone is interested in working
on a Gnome frontend.


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