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Re: config management/database (was Re: Control Panel)

On Sun, 21 Mar 1999, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> ooh ooh, I'm mentioned!
> I intend to finally take some time tomorrow to rewrite a bit of that to
> reflect the things we discussed about a month ago.
> I also discovered then I don't have enough time to write this thing
> myself. But since it is designed to be modular it can easily be used for
> other projects as well, and I think GNOME could really benefit from
> something like this.

Since va is back up I got a chance to look at it - I think it looks great! 

One thing I like is that the usual user config/systemwide config scheme is
made much more flexible - you have network-wide config, system config,
user config, and lots of shadings in between.

Anyway, I am already committed to hack various things until 2010, but I
sure hope this will become a cool project.

I'm pretty sure Tom Tromey (automake/Gnome hacker, works at Cygnus,
tromey@cygnus.com) made a design document for a gnome-config replacement
you might be interested in. You might mail him and Miguel
(miguel@gnu.org), they could tell you where that document is.


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