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Re: OT, Re: Which softwares to install ?

On Mon, Jul 18, 2022 at 6:30 PM Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> wrote:

D.J.J. Ring wrote:
> He just suggested that if anyone wanted to they could try the new F4
> (to me) GTK accessible greeter that he had just put in Slint, they
> could by using the new beta just mentioned there first SLINT iso.

He could also have suggested to try it in Debian 11, which does have it
all the same.

D.J.J. Ring wrote:
> Anyone could have chimed in to say Debian has that to, 

Sure, but after the slint hint, leading to "comparing distributions on
random reasons", I'll detail below.

D.J.J. Ring wrote:
> He offended no one, no distribution,

Not explicitly, but:

D.J.J. Ring wrote:
> I've never heard of this greeter,

That is actually the kind of thing that I meant previously by "leaving
the user confused". F4 is not a different greeter, it is just a shortcut
in the lightdm GTK greeter (which indeed is extremely lightweigh). That
shortcut is not that old, though, it was not in debian 10 apparently, it
was enabled in 2020, in time for Debian 11.

But the way Didier presented the feature happened to make it seem that
it was new only in slint, and you got confused over that. That's what I
call "comparing distribution on random reasons". Even if not explicitly,
and very probably not made consciously on purpose by Didier, the result
was the same: that induced some FUD.


FUD, I've never heard of that, so I had to look it up.  "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt".

Many of the list members - and we're good people - but many of them like myself struggle to understand - we don't understand every technical detail mentioned here, and until you explained that F4 is not a different greeter, it is just a shortcut
in the lightdm GTK greeter, I couldn't understand what the problem was and how it was offensive.

Certainly Didier knows what F4 is, and you and the rest of the developers know what F4 is, but we those that are trying to learn of things that will help us use a computer system when we cannot see or cannot see well might not know, and I certainly didn't know.

I'm guessing the important thing is that F4 is what enables lightdm to be accessible, hopefully it is enabled already if it's installed.

Maybe a post like:  "Debian already has F4 for lxde-greeter, it's installed and configured by default if lxde-greeter is installed.

Or if it isn't, tell us how to install it.

Now, at least I can understand your anger.

If we want to use lxde-greeter is this F4 shortcut already installed? If not, how do we install it?

Thanks in advance for your patience, and I hope that the last email from you helps everyone who is following this understand because it explained to me what the problem was: Didier is a developer, he'd have understand that his email was perhaps inadvertently going to lead to confusion to regular users like myself.

Thanks - but we did show clearly the problem.


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