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Re: OT, Re: Which softwares to install ?

Samuel wrote:
> That being said, again: I have clearly overreacted here, since Didier
> hasn't been doing so very often lately, I'm sorry for that. Can we
> please avoid a drama?

D.J.J. Ring,wrote:
> But Didier isn't doing this 'very often lately'.

That's *exactly* what I wrote above.

Again, can we *please* avoid a drama?

> The problem remains - there is no unified place to discuss Accessibility,

Why should there be just one place? Each toolkit, each distribution,
each screen reader, etc. has its own problems, and doesn't necessarily
want to be bothered by bugs of other toolkits, distributions, screen
readers, etc. That's why we have several lists.

Which doesn't mean we shouldn't be cooperating. Again, this is very

> but until your post this day, we - happy people we all are - thought
> it was through the generosity of Debian, that we had THIS place to
> share and discuss accessibility without being publicly shamed.

It is completely like you said, except the couple of mails I sent
earlier, and I'm sorry about it. Can we just get over the story?

> You should make Didier's comments in his post of 30 December 2021 and make it
> the Motto of this list.  Everyone will benefit if you do.

Didier wrote on 30 december:
> Trying to find which one is the best is pointless as it depends on the
> users' needs and use cases, in other words their requirements.

Even if I guess it's not easy to understand my point of view, that is
*actually* *exactly* what triggered by first mail. There's no point in
comparing distributions on random facts. Let's just cooperate.

Again, can we just *please* avoid a drama and assume good faith even if
we all make mistakes here and there. For real.


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