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Re: brltty netinst floppy

"Justin Ekis" <j_ekis@adelphia.net> writes:

> "Mario Lang" <mlang@debian.org> writes
>> Before I do anything speakup related with d-i, the release-critical
>> bugs on kernel-image-2.4.20-speakup need to be fixed.  According
>> to those reports, the precompiled package does not work at all.  This
>> is not really acceptable as a base for further d-i work...
> I got a Sid system somewhat running and tried this kernel on it. With
> sighted assistance I was able to see that there is a kernel panic and read
> the message. I can do it again and write the exact error for you if you'd
> like. It was that the root filesystem couldn't be mounted and to append the
> correct root mount point on the command line.

I'm very puzzled over this error, I fail to see what speakup
could possibly have to do with any kind of filesystems.

> Lilo already does this, but I tried explicitly appending it myself
> anyway. Same panic message. Other kernels do boot fine.
> I don't know what's causing it, but here are a few possible suggestions. I'm
> by no means a speakup expert in the least though, you may want to ask on the
> speakup mailing list.
> What version of speakup are you using? There is a new version 1.5 you can
> download.

I was using a CVS snapshot from december 2002.  You can check this particular
snapshot out by looking at the kernel-patch-speakup package (produced from
speakup-cvs source package).

> There are also many changes in the latest cvs version. Two notables
> are much better cursor tracking, and the synthesiser drivers are now
> modularized. I'm not sure if it fixes your problem, but they say it
> was a major code rewrite so it's very possible.

If there is a recent "release" version, I think I want
to avoid the CVS since I'm not really able to test the stability of the CVS code.
I was only using a CVS snapshot last time since that was at a point where
speakup 1.0 was very old already, and I was hoping to gain something
for users by using the CVS version.

In general, if anyone of the speakup users community
would like to take over the Debian package maintainership, I'd be
happy to give it away, I'd even do sponsoring, provided
the packages are well done.  Otherwise, I'll just try and play
middle-man as long as it works.

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