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Problem to read the entire screen on Sid with BRLTTY

Hello all,

Today I try to install Debian sid in order to build Gnopernicus and
gnome-speech and I encounter a very big problem in using for example
debconf or modconf. 
In the Debian woody we can see exactly where we are on the braille
display when for example selecting modules or replying questions in the
debconf interface. Unfortunatly this is not the case for me when using
Sid. It seems BRLTTY doesn't see the entire screen and if I understand
when the cursor is on a particular line the selected item is on the
previous line : so very difficult to use ! 
To solve the problem I tried to reconfigure debconf but nothing better
after that. I installed the BRLTTY version packaged on Sid but have
always the same problem.
so my question : Have you encountered the same problem with Sid and if
so what have you done to solve it ?
Thanks in advance.


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