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Re: brltty netinst floppy

I'd be interested in taking over the package...
I applied to be a Debian developer quite some time ago and I passed all the steps in the process but was never given an account on the system...


On Fri, May 23, 2003 at 05:08:25PM +0200, Mario Lang wrote:
> "Justin Ekis" <j_ekis@adelphia.net> writes:
> > "Mario Lang" <mlang@debian.org> writes
> >
> >> Before I do anything speakup related with d-i, the release-critical
> >> bugs on kernel-image-2.4.20-speakup need to be fixed.  According
> >> to those reports, the precompiled package does not work at all.  This
> >> is not really acceptable as a base for further d-i work...
> >
> > I got a Sid system somewhat running and tried this kernel on it. With
> > sighted assistance I was able to see that there is a kernel panic and read
> > the message. I can do it again and write the exact error for you if you'd
> > like. It was that the root filesystem couldn't be mounted and to append the
> > correct root mount point on the command line.
> I'm very puzzled over this error, I fail to see what speakup
> could possibly have to do with any kind of filesystems.
> > Lilo already does this, but I tried explicitly appending it myself
> > anyway. Same panic message. Other kernels do boot fine.
> >
> > I don't know what's causing it, but here are a few possible suggestions. I'm
> > by no means a speakup expert in the least though, you may want to ask on the
> > speakup mailing list.
> > What version of speakup are you using? There is a new version 1.5 you can
> > download.
> I was using a CVS snapshot from december 2002.  You can check this particular
> snapshot out by looking at the kernel-patch-speakup package (produced from
> speakup-cvs source package).
> > There are also many changes in the latest cvs version. Two notables
> > are much better cursor tracking, and the synthesiser drivers are now
> > modularized. I'm not sure if it fixes your problem, but they say it
> > was a major code rewrite so it's very possible.
> If there is a recent "release" version, I think I want
> to avoid the CVS since I'm not really able to test the stability of the CVS code.
> I was only using a CVS snapshot last time since that was at a point where
> speakup 1.0 was very old already, and I was hoping to gain something
> for users by using the CVS version.
> In general, if anyone of the speakup users community
> would like to take over the Debian package maintainership, I'd be
> happy to give it away, I'd even do sponsoring, provided
> the packages are well done.  Otherwise, I'll just try and play
> middle-man as long as it works.
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