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[speakup]: Last call for help


The release-critical bug on speakup (hangs on boot)
is still open, and there was no progress in the last two weeks or so.

I'd like to re-emphasis that I do not own any speakup compatible
device, and so am unable to reproduce the problem, let alone
fix it.  Since a release-critical bug is something I'm not really
eager to have around for a long time, I need to find a way
to resolve this problem.

I'm sorry, but I do think that if there is no one from
the speakup community who is actively interested to fix this
problem, there is probably no need for a precompiled speakup kernel
package.  Put in other words, if this RC-bug doesn't see
any progress soon, I fear I'll either:

a.) Orphan the package (which would only add to the number of
    problematic packages in Debian) or, more likely
b.) File a bug against ftp.debian.org requesting the removal of
    kernel-*-speakup-2.4.20* packages from sid and testing.

Thanks for your cooperation,
  Mario | Debian Developer <URL:http://debian.org/>
        | Get my public key via finger mlang@db.debian.org
        | 1024D/7FC1A0854909BCCDBE6C102DDFFC022A6B113E44

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