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brltty netinst floppy

Hi all,
I tried the woody floppies with speakup and they didn't work that well for
me, problems with the kernel modules.
So I tried the netinst floppy disk with brltty and the new Debian installer.
That was much better, hardware detection worked great. Fortunately my new
braille lite model is somewhat supported with brltty.
The only annoyance is that the advance bar which is supposed to move the
full window to the left and right acts oddly, so I had to scroll the display
one character at a time.
Also it gave me an error that a templates file could not be found. This
didn't seem to effect things though.
Things went well until the screen that lists the installer modules came up.
It was a numbered list of about 60 modules. The first few scrolled off the
top of the screen and I couldn't get back up to read the first five choices
or any instructions that may have been listed first. What am I supposed to
do at this point?

By the way, back in March, Mario Lang wrote that he could create a
speakup-enabled floppy but that he had no way to test it and wasn't getting
any feedback from the speakup users.
Mario, I don't know that I could donate my hardware synthesizer like you
asked, but I'd be willing to test such a floppy for you. This is just a
hobby for me and there's nothing important on that partition to mess up,
especially considering it's hosed from the previous failed install anyway.
Let me know if that is of interest.


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