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Re: brltty netinst floppy

"Justin Ekis" <j_ekis@adelphia.net> writes:

> The only annoyance is that the advance bar which is supposed to move the
> full window to the left and right acts oddly, so I had to scroll the display
> one character at a time.
Do you see the same bug with brltty 3.2?  Or just with the version
on those disks?

> Also it gave me an error that a templates file could not be found. This
> didn't seem to effect things though.
This is a well known d-i buglet, but can be ignored.

> Things went well until the screen that lists the installer modules came up.
> It was a numbered list of about 60 modules. The first few scrolled off the
> top of the screen and I couldn't get back up to read the first five choices
> or any instructions that may have been listed first.

The problem that select and multiselect menus scroll off the screen
is fixed in d-i CVS.  I should probably generated a new brltty enabled
netinst image soonish.

> What am I supposed to do at this point?

Usually, you do not need any extra udeb modules.  The required ones are
auto-selected by anna, so you just say "q" for quit, and anna
should start downloading the udebs.

> By the way, back in March, Mario Lang wrote that he could create a
> speakup-enabled floppy but that he had no way to test it and wasn't getting
> any feedback from the speakup users.
> Mario, I don't know that I could donate my hardware synthesizer like you
> asked, but I'd be willing to test such a floppy for you. This is just a
> hobby for me and there's nothing important on that partition to mess up,
> especially considering it's hosed from the previous failed install anyway.

Before I do anything speakup related with d-i, the release-critical
bugs on kernel-image-2.4.20-speakup need to be fixed.  According
to those reports, the precompiled package does not work at all.  This
is not really acceptable as a base for further d-i work...

> Let me know if that is of interest.

If you could help figure out the reason (and perhaps fix) for
that would be most helpful at this moment.

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