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Re: Current and upcoming toolchain changes for jessie

Matthias Klose dixit:

>> I’d like to have gcj at 4.6 in gcc-defaults for m68k please,
>> until the 4.8 one stops FTBFSing.
>please send a patch.

For gcc-defaults? I think that one is trivial…

For gcj? I did not take Compiler Design in what two semesters
of Uni I managed until I ran out of money. I will, however,
forward #711558 to upstream.

I can’t do everything, but I don’t think anyone can accuse me
of not trying either…

>> From me nothing against switching C/C++ to 4.8 for m68k at
>> this point, but I’d like to hear at least Wouter’s opinion
>> on that, and possibly Mikael since he’s not just doing work
>> upstream on gcc but also using it (for ColdFire) heavily.
>same as well, please send a patch.

Wouter, Mikael: input on switching C/C++ to 4.8?

[ Ada ]
>try it and send a patch please.

Would be useful to get it compiled first, for which #711558
is currently the blocker AFAICT. But I guess I’ll try eventually.

Note to myself: do not “temporarily help out” in any more Debian
projects, you’ll never leave them…

//mirabilos, sponsoring for a week of Linuxhotel would be nice…
    (I’m seriously short of hacking time, in general, recently,
    and could use some switching of paper hangings for a while)
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