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Re: Current and upcoming toolchain changes for jessie

Matthias Klose dixit:

>The Java and D frontends now default to 4.8 on all architectures, the Go
>frontend stays at 4.7 until 4.8 get the complete Go 1.1 support.

I’d like to have gcj at 4.6 in gcc-defaults for m68k please,
until the 4.8 one stops FTBFSing.

From me nothing against switching C/C++ to 4.8 for m68k at
this point, but I’d like to hear at least Wouter’s opinion
on that, and possibly Mikael since he’s not just doing work
upstream on gcc but also using it (for ColdFire) heavily.

For Ada, I’d like to see a successful build of gnat-4.8
(from src:gcc-4.8, if I understand the recent changes right)
first; gnat-4.6 mostly works at the moment, but I’m not sure
about the upstream situation wrt. patches from Mikael.

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