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Re: Current and upcoming toolchain changes for jessie

Am 13.06.2013 21:47, schrieb Thorsten Glaser:
> Matthias Klose dixit:
>> The Java and D frontends now default to 4.8 on all architectures, the Go
>> frontend stays at 4.7 until 4.8 get the complete Go 1.1 support.
> I’d like to have gcj at 4.6 in gcc-defaults for m68k please,
> until the 4.8 one stops FTBFSing.

please send a patch.

> From me nothing against switching C/C++ to 4.8 for m68k at
> this point, but I’d like to hear at least Wouter’s opinion
> on that, and possibly Mikael since he’s not just doing work
> upstream on gcc but also using it (for ColdFire) heavily.

same as well, please send a patch.

> For Ada, I’d like to see a successful build of gnat-4.8
> (from src:gcc-4.8, if I understand the recent changes right)
> first; gnat-4.6 mostly works at the moment, but I’m not sure
> about the upstream situation wrt. patches from Mikael.

try it and send a patch please.

thanks for your cooperation, Matthias

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