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Re: Release Party Time ;-)

Finn Thain dixit:

>I think that xz is not available on the installer disks, but a statically 
>linked one could be built and then fetched along with Thorsten's 
>cowbuilder tar. (Or just ask Thorsten nicely to distribute a tgz version).

I was just considering building a statically linked xz under sarge or
something even older, but I think, in addition to the trouble _that_
would be, transferring it there poses another problem, so the next
upload will be a .tgz then.

>When I installed from Thorsten's debian-ports achive, I debootstrapped a 
>buildd target (rather than a cowbuilder), which is another workable 

There's no cowbuilder variant, it uses buildd. The variants
available are:
• minbase
• buildd (= minbase + build-essential)
• - (= minbase + prio:important)

The prio:important packages aren’t in my repo. I plan on making
a .tgz of these, too (right with the new Aranym/Quick image).

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