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Re: Release Party Time ;-)

On Tue, 15 Feb 2011, Michael Tomkins wrote:

> RTC does not work under this setup. :( (yet ?) 

/dev may lack the correct device file. devtmpfs may help to figure this 

I don't have access to any 68k macs right now, so I can't be of much help 
there sorry. You can find some discussion in the linux-m68k list archives 
from the past few months.

> Do I place the devtmpfs in fstab or somewhere in an init.d script?

fstab is fine. But once udev starts, you don't need devtmpfs, so I'm not 
sure what the story is.

> created new partition with "HD SC Setup (patched)", have had this Mac 
> program since ~2000.

As you probably realise, the unpatched utility only handles Apple OEM 
disks. There's a download link in the FAQ:


> /dev/* to /mnt/dev/ (Finn is this required?)

I've not really looked into the Debian 6 way of doing things. When I built 
a system from Thorsten's packages using debootstrap, ISTR that I used 
devtmpfs and didn't pursue it any further.

> occasional 1-5 sec freezes.
> Would really like to produce 2 disks; 1. a MacOS system disk with a 
> drive partitioner and, 2. an emile disk with enough tools to format, 
> start networking and copy an image. Then many people could install 
> Debian on their old Macs ;)

Here's some other resources that might suffice:

Mac-bootable Debian 3 and ~4 installer ISOs are available.

There exists a MacOS port of pdisk (Apple's command line partitioner).

SUntar runs under MacOS and can image (read/write) a raw partition.

What seems to be missing is Emile config tools for MacOS (ala XPostFacto), 
since MacOS is the natural rescue option (it is free, easy, compatible and 

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