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Re: Release Party Time ;-)

On Wed, 16 Feb 2011, Michael Tomkins wrote:

> Will try this. There needs to be a way to install Linux if you don't 
> have linux on the computer already, and while the 2.2.27 installer 
> works, I would not like to install 2.2.27 over ?? hours just to install 
> 2.6 on **another** partition later. Some people may like to try to 
> install with very limited resources (eg. an original drive)

The Debian installer allows you to do that. If the ISO is not a bootable 
one (the bootable ones are provided by Laurent Vivier, not Debian) then 
you only need MacOS + Penguin (and a CDROM drive).

If you don't have a CD-ROM drive, things get a bit more interesting. 
Likewise, if you want to install Gentoo. The easiest way I can see would 
be a standard Apple Network Boot floppy plus an AFP file server (like 
Netatalk or MacOS).

Into the AFP share you place a partitioning tool, a copy of SUntar, 
Penguin, kernel binary, and a block image of the root filesystem (which 
could be derived from Debian installer media or a Gentoo stage tarball). 
Then you use SUntar to image your target partition and boot it with 
Penguin. (I've used this method.)

Another possible solution would be a busybox/Emile bootable floppy with 
mac-fdisk. Then you pull the block image down using netcat or the like, 
and boot it using the bootloader on the floppy.

> PS the www.mac.linux-m68k.org/resources/ FAQ links are mostly broken (the OLD
> FTP site is now nerdnet.nl ??)

Yes, nerdnet.nl hosts linux-m68k.org. I asked them to host the 
ftp.mac.linux-m68k.org, which they did for a while, but it disappeared 
last year. I will look into alternative arrangements.

> > > --
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> > BTW, if you put a space after that, i.e. "-- ", it and the rest of the
> > .sig will get omitted automatically from replies quoting your message.
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> Checking that now.

Works for me (alpine), thanks.


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