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Re: Release Party Time ;-)

I think it would be easier to use a Debian installer CD. The installer 
will setup networking for you. If you have a SCSI CD-ROM, you could boot 
the Mac directly from Laurent's ISO.

I think that xz is not available on the installer disks, but a statically 
linked one could be built and then fetched along with Thorsten's 
cowbuilder tar. (Or just ask Thorsten nicely to distribute a tgz version).

Alternatively, instead of converting the txz to tgz, convert it to a small 
extfs image, then partition and block-copy under MacOS, then boot into it 
with "init=/bin/sh" (no ramdisk required if you use the right kernel*) 
then online-resize the root filesystem to fill the partition, then follow 
your steps to convert the cowbuilder chroot into a bootable system.

When I installed from Thorsten's debian-ports achive, I debootstrapped a 
buildd target (rather than a cowbuilder), which is another workable 
approach although neither cowbuilder nor buildd is an ideal target for end 


* I will build one and upload it somewhere.

On Thu, 17 Feb 2011, Michael Tomkins wrote:

> I an effort to get NEW people to install Debian, I reinstalled onto a 
> Quadra 605 (FPU upgraded) and wrote the steps up on my webpage 
> http://mich431.net/m68k.html, culled some steps from the Q650 install 
> and fixed some bugs. I was able to install from scratch without using an 
> existing debian partition, although I did use a ramdisk and did have 
> most of the stuff already on my Q605. I'll be putting a forum post on 
> http://68kmla.org/forums/.
> Anyone want changes/obvious errors, to the http://mich431.net/m68k.html 
> before I do?

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