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Re: Linux/m68k on Atari


> > Anyway: do you have a section like this in your log?
> > 
> > Ignoring memory chunk at 0x0:0xe00000 before the first chunk
> > Fix your bootloader or use a memfile to make use of this area!
> Yes, I have this message in my log. Full log attached (seems minicom
> cut it at 80 cols).

Must be a minicom setting problem - mine doesn't (at least not what's copied to 
the log after ^A L).

Geert, Roman: does paging_init rely on part of the first memory chunk being 
mapped in head.S, or just part of the chunk the kernel resides in? Could I 
reorder the m68k_memory[] elements in setup.c to fix the ordering problems? 


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