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Re: Linux/m68k on Atari


> I made some more tests trying to boot the 2.6.26 kernel with various
> options (I have 14MB ST-RAM and 64MB Fast-Ram, and using one of the
> initrd.gz ramdisks).
> -s seems mandatory (load kernel in st-ram), but booting is very slow
> (takes several minutes to reach rootfs mount). It should work
> when loading kernel in Fast-Ram and should be much faster. Does the
> kernel copy itself to FastRam before executing?

Nope, the kernel does not relocate itself after loading. I think I do also use 
-s but booting is nowhere near as slow. (Not using a compressed ramdisk, 

What does the boot spend most of the time on?
> The ramdisk also seems to be loaded in ST-RAM (has the Atari tos screen
> is filled with some decompressed data while booting). The initrd

The initrd is loaded to Fast-Ram, then decompressed to the first free chunk of 
memory - the way the priorities for the memory allocator are set up, this will 
be ST-RAM, unfortunately. 

> decompressed is around 8MB (is it also decompressed or copied to
> Fast-Ram?). If you add the kernel in st-ram (don't know how much it is
> decompressed), 14MB may be a bit short.

2-3 MB is what I usually end up with, uncompressed. I don't build in all the 
stuff that the installer kernels provide, though. 
> Starting ataboot.tos with stuff taking some st-ram (like usual TOS
> utilities, or higher resolution than 320x200x16 colors for example)
> prevent the kernel from booting correctly (not enough ST-Ram to unpack
> it and the ramdisk I suppose), hence the reset I got previously.

Might be some driver that fails to get ST-RAM, though that should not cause a 
reset. I'd still like to know what causes the reset, but it seems easy enough to 
reproduce from your report. 
> I think using the Fast-Ram should be the default for CT60. I don't
> remember on which hw it would cause problems (due to MMU remapping).

The AfterBurner would only run in ST-RAM IIRC. 

> About the installer:
> - Running with atafb:sthigh makes it unusable, as the selection is not
> visible (no inverse video).

Oops. Is that a shortconing of atafb? 

> - libbogl lacks the Atari bitplanes support (running with fb=false
> makes it work) but it should be easy to add.

For some reason it never was added. Best try and uncompress the ramdisk to 
Fast-RAM (I tried that once but didn't get very far).


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