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Re: Linux/m68k on Atari


> OK, I was able to setup debug through serial console, using
> $ minicom -o -c on
> and adding
> debug=ser console=tty0 console=ttyS0,9600n8
> in kernel command line

FWIW, it should be console=ttyS1,9600n8 (the modem port is ttyS1). With 
debug=ser, this does not matter. 
> [    0.000000] atari_stram pool, start=00373210, end=003f320f

This patch actually never made it into Geert's tree. Bummer. 

Anyway: do you have a section like this in your log?

Ignoring memory chunk at 0x0:0xe00000 before the first chunk
Fix your bootloader or use a memfile to make use of this area!

The whole of ST-RAM is being ignored (2.6.29). No wonder there's no suitable RAM 
for atafb. How do I use a memfile with ataboot?

Messages like

scsi: On host 0 channel 0 id 5 only 511 (max_scsi_report_luns) of 201703552 lun.

spell all sorts of trouble with stuff needing DMA memory. Yikes.


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