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Re: Centris 650: buildd candidate?

On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 10:37:18PM -0500, Joel Ewy wrote:

> First, there seem to be conflicting reports in this thread about the
> state of hardware support for the Quadra/Centris 650.  Can I expect to
> have working keyboard, SCSI, and Ethernet?  I also take it that the PDMA


> patch is not applied to the stock kernel, so I should expect poor SCSI
> performance until I build my own patched kernel, unless Finn uploads a
> kernel and Christian packages it before I get around to building my
> own.  Is something like that approximately correct?


> Second, where is the installer / ramdisk image for Etch-m68k? 

The official etch-m68k installer is available from the usual places, but
hasn't been much tested lately (also probably broken since the suite
name changed after the release).

The daily images are available from 

The m68k-specific issues are covered at 
<http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/M68kTodo>. Including tips on
suite=etch-m68k and the debconf-apt-progress hang. Sorry they aren't
better, feel free to help me out.

suite=etch-m68k is a kernel command line arg that is used by d-i to
install the etch-m68k distro from sid/lenny d-i.

The general d-i issues are covered at 

A daily netinst cd (base + d-i) is available at
<http://people.debian.org/~smarenka/d-i/cds-m68k/daily/>. It hasn't been
tested since I got d-i actually on the cd. You can use it with either
the cdrom (after having burned the cd) or hd-media (cd is an iso on your
mac partition).

If you'd prefer a more net-based install, that would be native-hd, which
only requires penguin, the native-hd initrd, and the kernel on your mac

(Now you see why I'd like a process to skip the whole mac partition. ;).

Any testing reports are appreciated and you might as well send them to
this list. I'm slowly getting the kinks out of the installer and out of
installing etch-m68k with the sid/lenny installer.

> Alternatively, would it be possible to install Etch-m68k using Laurent
> Vivier's bootable net install CD?  Can package repository names be
> changed, or some such chicanery to get it to install Etch instead of
> Sarge?  Of course I realize that there is a benefit to testing the Etch
> installer as well.

For that matter you can installer sarge and then dist-upgrade to
etch-m68k if you prefer.

> What is the best way to proceed?

I've spent more time working on the sid/lenny installer lately so that's
my recommendation (for its flaws, it still works pretty well).



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