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Re: Centris 650: buildd candidate?

Ok, so I've got the 9G drive hooked up.  It has a Mac file system on it,
apparently from a PPC Mac of some sort that had MacOS 9.  I ran Norton
Disk Doctor on it FWIW, and it didn't find any bad blocks.  So maybe
this is a usable drive.  I guess what I'll try to do now is install a
small 68K MacOS partition on the 9G drive and unplug the original little
230M drive.  Then I'll be ready to install Debian.

I've installed Potato, Woody, and Sarge on Mac IIci, Q630, and Q840av,
but I'm a little unsure how to go about trying to install Etch-m68k.

First, there seem to be conflicting reports in this thread about the
state of hardware support for the Quadra/Centris 650.  Can I expect to
have working keyboard, SCSI, and Ethernet?  I also take it that the PDMA
patch is not applied to the stock kernel, so I should expect poor SCSI
performance until I build my own patched kernel, unless Finn uploads a
kernel and Christian packages it before I get around to building my
own.  Is something like that approximately correct?

Second, where is the installer / ramdisk image for Etch-m68k? 
Alternatively, would it be possible to install Etch-m68k using Laurent
Vivier's bootable net install CD?  Can package repository names be
changed, or some such chicanery to get it to install Etch instead of
Sarge?  Of course I realize that there is a benefit to testing the Etch
installer as well.

What is the best way to proceed?


Michael Schmitz wrote:
> Hi,
>> We actually still have a quadra 650 in the buildd rotation (if q650 is
>> back up anyway).
> It was back up, but stopped responding to ssh (root disk full is my
> guess). It's been difficult to revive as the 2.6 kernel I have has no
> keyboard driver (can someone post a kernel with working keyboard
> driver, SCSI and Sonic ethernet for the local admin to try?).
> Disk speed (PIO) is dog slow but PDMA may help a lot there. Good
> enough for the light build stuff at any rate.
>     Michael

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