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Re: X on Mac

On 5/22/07, Joel Ewy <jcewy@swbell.net> wrote:

>> So I'm curious to know whether the same problem shows up in X.org.  You
>> mention that the cursor keys don't work -- are you sure the keys don't
>> work at all, or do they just not repeat like you would expect?  In XF86
> no nothing at all happens. however, there are error messages
> from the new xorg stuff I need to check out.
How about key repeat?  If you hold down a (non-cursor) key, does it
repeat as expected, or do you just get a single keystroke no matter how
long you hold the key?  I'm really curious as to whether this is an X
issue or a kernel ADB driver issue, or what.

yes key repeats of regular keys.

no success with xmodmap experiments with the cursor/page keys though.
still dead keys. tried pc104 layout instead of mac and that got rid
of xkbcomp errors but dead keys still dead.

AFAIK nothing wrong with my keyboard. however i have a non mac
adb keyboard i could try (adesso), i would rather not I need it elsewhere.

although i have more Xclients going now from debian menu, xemacs
is still crashing, producing some verbose error messages. I really do
need it, otherwise i can't really use X.

I see that it was build in march however the gcc of november and august
kernel. that is not too encouraging.

I tried your other window managers suggestions and although they
do work, (fluxbox and flwm) I feel openbox is better in general and
here as well.


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