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Re: X on Mac

Brian Morris wrote:
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Brian Morris <cymraegish@gmail.com>
> Date: May 21, 2007 10:42 PM
> Subject: Re: X on Mac (was: Re: upgraded to lenny/sid and ordered RAM)
> To: Joel Ewy <jcewy@swbell.net>
> On 5/18/07, Joel Ewy <jcewy@swbell.net> wrote:
>> Brian Morris wrote:
>> > I have X work ing (or more than half way anyway) !!
>> > see below.
>> >
>> Hey Brian,
>> So I'm curious to know whether the same problem shows up in X.org.  You
>> mention that the cursor keys don't work -- are you sure the keys don't
>> work at all, or do they just not repeat like you would expect?  In XF86
> no nothing at all happens. however, there are error messages
> from the new xorg stuff I need to check out.
How about key repeat?  If you hold down a (non-cursor) key, does it
repeat as expected, or do you just get a single keystroke no matter how
long you hold the key?  I'm really curious as to whether this is an X
issue or a kernel ADB driver issue, or what.
>> As for the framebuffer strangeness and color depth support, I think that
>> perhaps Linux only knows how to change the bpp for some of the Mac
>> models, and for others you may still have to change the setting in MacOS
>> and boot with Penguin.  Emile has us so close to being able to do
>> without MacOS entirely -- but perhaps not quite yet...  More comments
>> below.
> I got that to work right. your suggestions did work. had to
> fit the fbset -x information into the xorg.conf which requires
> to study xorg.conf manpage. which require fbset to study
> how to set or experiment with the setting. found that
> i can set q630 w/  fbset to 800x600x8-60hz or
> 640x480x16-72hz.curiously the xorg log shows whatever
> the VideoRam is used by that setting (480k and 600k)
> also fbi command helped me with setting and testing the
> framebuffer. curiously that makes a really nice pictures
> on the old quadra, better than X would and better than
> some of the newer computers i use do with it (seems
> both programs written by familiar names on this list...)
> so, thanks.
Glad that worked.

> i think i could figure out the keypad but still feeling clueless
> why some of these xclients won't start and others do.
> maybe i take suggestion and try another window manager.
> i am using openbox and rxvt, i could try another xterm too.
> i am having noise trouble again on my home network and
> bandwith is in the dirt, so no telling when this happens.
> Brian

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