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X on Mac (was: Re: upgraded to lenny/sid and ordered RAM)

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From: Brian Morris <cymraegish@gmail.com>
Date: May 21, 2007 10:42 PM
Subject: Re: X on Mac (was: Re: upgraded to lenny/sid and ordered RAM)
To: Joel Ewy <jcewy@swbell.net>

On 5/18/07, Joel Ewy <jcewy@swbell.net> wrote:
Brian Morris wrote:
> I have X work ing (or more than half way anyway) !!
> see below.
Hey Brian,

So I'm curious to know whether the same problem shows up in X.org.  You
mention that the cursor keys don't work -- are you sure the keys don't
work at all, or do they just not repeat like you would expect?  In XF86

no nothing at all happens. however, there are error messages
from the new xorg stuff I need to check out.

As for the framebuffer strangeness and color depth support, I think that
perhaps Linux only knows how to change the bpp for some of the Mac
models, and for others you may still have to change the setting in MacOS
and boot with Penguin.  Emile has us so close to being able to do
without MacOS entirely -- but perhaps not quite yet...  More comments below.

I got that to work right. your suggestions did work. had to
fit the fbset -x information into the xorg.conf which requires
to study xorg.conf manpage. which require fbset to study
how to set or experiment with the setting. found that
i can set q630 w/  fbset to 800x600x8-60hz or
640x480x16-72hz.curiously the xorg log shows whatever
the VideoRam is used by that setting (480k and 600k)

also fbi command helped me with setting and testing the
framebuffer. curiously that makes a really nice pictures
on the old quadra, better than X would and better than
some of the newer computers i use do with it (seems
both programs written by familiar names on this list...)

so, thanks.

i think i could figure out the keypad but still feeling clueless
why some of these xclients won't start and others do.

maybe i take suggestion and try another window manager.
i am using openbox and rxvt, i could try another xterm too.

i am having noise trouble again on my home network and
bandwith is in the dirt, so no telling when this happens.



> It works !! more or less. I took 5 minutes to start the first time, i was
> just sitting there dozing. it took a long time the first time to start
> the window
> manager even longer than the server.
What window manager are you using?  I've used IceWM to pretty good
effect.  When I installed Sarge on my Q630 (booting from Emile on CD,
and overwriting MacOS on the HD) I put on Fluxbox, after having had good
experiences with Damn Small Linux on low-end x86 PCs.
> problems :

I've got my Q630 doing 800x600x8 right now in X under Sarge, so I can
confirm that the hardware is capable of that.  When I boot I need to
pass the following parameter to the kernel:  video=valkyriefb: (note
that the colon on the end is significant.)

> 2) most apps that have both X and console versions won't start their
> X versions. for instance xemacs -nw works but not xemacs, info and w3m
> produce their text versions in the window you type but do not start
> from the menu (on ppc both ways give you new windows). but graphicsmajick
> xedit xman all work so i don't know what's up.
I don't have xemacs or w3m, but I can confirm that in Sarge, info just
runs in an xterm and doesn't produce an X window.

What happens if you start it from Debian menu ?? Do
all the apps work there ???

i am getting images and buttons
now in w3m started from inside a window
which is just fine. but really bugs me that no
X support for Xemacs.

>> >
>> > another thing that kinda sucks is the fbdev driver does not support
>> 1, 4

I did find some options in xorg.conf i did not try yet that
you can ask for B&W or Grayscale some other way than
by bit depth.

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