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Re: X on Mac (was: Re: upgraded to lenny/sid and ordered RAM)

On 5/18/07, Joel Ewy <jcewy@swbell.net> wrote:
Brian Morris wrote:
> I have X work ing (or more than half way anyway) !!
> see below.

Someone on this list recently suggested I try a 2.6 kernel, which I
intend to do, but it sounds like you have beat me to it.  What are your

the 2.6 kernels are pretty well stable and tested now. that was not true
a few months ago. so going ahead is not risky, but it probably would
not do much for you or others, except for that proceeding in stages
of upgrading rather than all at once has helped me get through updgrade.
so  I mean it is a start. (there are/were a few tricks though like setting
the date and the keyboard keymap -- better be able to rlogin, to fix kb...
... unless that was fix in new kernel package)

the last thing i did in this upgrade was installing X which may I wonder
have  cause my problems.  so you might try updgrading xserver next
after kernel before the rest. really I would have done X earlier as I did
on my ppc systems but at first I was not really interested in it at all and
still now not as much as some of the mid-level programming tools.

one question still I think is how the RAM situation goes. The applications
in Etch/Sid need more ram but maybe not so much some of the utilities.

one exception to that is if you use/need aptitude, when you upgrade that
if you have less than 50MB ram I think you will notice it.

As for the framebuffer strangeness and color depth support, I think that
perhaps Linux only knows how to change the bpp for some of the Mac
models, and for others you may still have to change the setting in MacOS
and boot with Penguin.  Emile has us so close to being able to do
without MacOS entirely -- but perhaps not quite yet...  More comments below.
(I still like and use macos myself,  I wish emile would allow dual booting.
(which actually would solve both our problems)
Sometime you bored check out treeware such as macperl, powerlisp, macssh, ...)

well I will reply more to this later after I have thought about and tried your
suggestions. Thanks for those !

one thing i tried last night after my email was booting from macos in 640x480x16
and I found that the kernel knew then I had 600kB VRAM (k=1024), correctly
not like booting at 800x600x8 it said 468 (what it used not what was
really there).
However the Xserver still says I have 300k and won't read a VRAM parameter
in the xorg.conf like my ppc box would do with a vga card in either
Xorg or Xfree.

So, I am thinking to post a bug against Xorg fbdev driver. but first I
will try playing
with the kernel parameters, just to be sure.

If you would like to try installing both the kernel and Xorg that would probably
help as we could get more examples, including another 630 plus the other models.

If you are  worried  you could try starting from a fresh basic Sarge install.

> On 5/17/07, Finn Thain <fthain@telegraphics.com.au> wrote:
> ...
>> >
>> >   128MB Apple Performa 630 Series 72-pin SIMM (p/n APL72P128)
>> >       $49.98          1       $49.98
>> > 64MB PowerMac 6100, Performa, Quadra 72-pin SIMM (p/n
>> > APPLE-64MB-FPM-SIMM)  $19.98  1       $19.98
>> >
>> > (I think I spent too much)

(I meant when you can buy an imac with more memory for this price nowdays)

>> Well, perhaps not if we can fix xorg ;-)

Try fbset to see if you can change the bit depth / resolution in the
console.  If you really want to test it out, download fbi, which is a
framebuffer image viewer.

(thanks again)

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