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Re: mac installation

On Sun, 18 Feb 2007, Brian Morris wrote:

> well i should say that last night i went back to 2.2 to see if i had the 
> same perl errors and then i had to load another keymap. there were a 
> couple in the mac subdirectory. one that work i could not say if it 
> works also with other kernels. the man page (dated) claims the built-in 
> key map may not always be good either...

There is a kernel config option for generating ADB keycodes if you want to 
use old maps with the latest kernels, and you are willing to build your 
own kernel. I believe its use is deprecated (same for powermac ADB, IIRC).

> well anybody could read the man pages and try these out, but for 
> installation and testing it would be nice to have it straight... (the 
> "us" keymap actually is in i386 category. so maybe it is not really 
> correct but just happens to work)

No, I think it really is correct.

> well i don't see one, but there are some 128mB simms that work in 
> quadra605 (or maybe performa 475 which i have) - but those need cpu 
> replaces and only have scsi drive and a slower controller at that.  but 
> is supposed to be a question of will the memory controller adress the 
> memory, so if you put a bigger one in will it see the RAM or not.

Yes. I can't say I've put it to the test myself.

> > > ps FYI the "current" version of perl is actually getting on close to 
> > > 2 years old. there are about 12MB of modules update, even with the 
> > > upstream fresh build or etch (i know i have been building and 
> > > consistentizing it on all my machines the last few month, BTW it 
> > > builds fine with gcc295/linux2.4 or macos10.2/gcc3.3, but - ) which 
> > > takes almost as long to build install as the whole source. is 
> > > anything to be done about that ??
> > >
> > > anyway i downloaded the 12mB ok the ethernet did not crash (mine 68k 
> > > is ASANTE/LCIII/Nubus, not Sonic - slow but stabler maybe ??). but 
> > > when i was trying to run the updates when i got it stucking. maybe i 
> > > have to split it up or/and do some partly by hand. or i could try 
> > > the old kernel and see if that hangs too...
> i tried both these ideas and it still thrashes although not as badly, i 
> was able to kill and shutdown. i am pretty sure though this job should 
> not need the 70MB RAM is asking for (or at least not as far as it got) 
> so either i am doing something wrong setting up my local mirror or perl 
> has a problem.

No idea what the memory requirement is there. Should be much the same 
across architectures, unless there is a problem with the m68k port (?)


> i was looking at debian perl packages and i really don't like the mess 
> !!! i would if i were to test more i think just build perl from the CPAN 
> tarball rather than from the three chopped up debian packages (i don't 
> understand why it is in three parts...  well it could be set up to solve 
> the problem i pointed out with modules outdated but it is not done)

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