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Re: mac installation

On 2/18/07, Finn Thain <fthain@telegraphics.com.au> wrote:

On Sat, 17 Feb 2007, Brian Morris wrote:

> thanks for the link to the kernel deb !
> my quadra 630 finally works now at the console.
> but i had to reload/reinstall the keyboard maps:
> "loadkeys us" to test/reload and "install keymap"
> to install it. this because all the keys were wrong
> i could not even log in.

Yep, I had the same problem on a woody installation, I fixed it by
disabling the loadkeys init script.

well i should say that last night i went back to 2.2 to see if
i had the same perl errors and then i had to load another
keymap. there were a couple in the mac subdirectory. one
that work i could not say if it works also with other kernels.
the man page (dated) claims the built-in key map may not
always be good either...

well anybody could read the man pages and try these out, but
for installation and testing it would be nice to have it straight...
(the "us" keymap actually is in i386 category. so maybe it is not
really correct but just happens to work)

in regards to the *mouse* i will post again.

ple. anyway i still am not sure my disk drive is
> perfectly fine, am planning replacement. (there are some errors from the
> drive at startup, although i don't get them with kernel 2.2, who knows
> ??)

Would be nice to see the error messages... Particularly if they happen on
the replacement drive too.
> fallback. actually am using the 68k very little (for fear the disk is
> about to fail). also need more memory and not sure i want to spend $ or
> if it would really help (have 36mB now and the machine maxes out at 68,

I read somewhere that some of those motherboards have two SIMM slots and
will accept 64 + 16 (plus 4 on board I guess). YMMV.

well i don't see one, but there are some 128mB simms that work in quadra605
(or maybe performa 475 which i have) - but those need cpu replaces and only
have scsi drive and a slower controller at that.  but is supposed
to be a question of will the memory controller adress the memory, so if
you put a bigger one in will it see the RAM or not.


> the only really good thing about it is it does use ide hd).
> brian
> ps FYI the "current" version of perl is actually getting on close to 2
> years old. there are about 12MB of modules update, even with the
> upstream fresh build or etch (i know i have been building and
> consistentizing it on all my machines the last few month, BTW it builds
> fine with gcc295/linux2.4 or macos10.2/gcc3.3, but - ) which takes
> almost as long to build install as the whole source. is anything to be
> done about that ??
> anyway i downloaded the 12mB ok the ethernet did not crash (mine 68k is
> ASANTE/LCIII/Nubus, not Sonic - slow but stabler maybe ??). but when i
> was trying to run the updates when i got it stucking. maybe i have to
> split it up or/and do some partly by hand. or i could try the old kernel
> and see if that hangs too...

i tried both these ideas and it still thrashes although not as badly, i was
able to kill and shutdown. i am pretty sure though this job should not
need the 70MB RAM is asking for (or at least not as far as it got) so
either i am doing something wrong setting up my local mirror or
perl has a problem.

i was looking at debian perl packages and i really don't like the mess !!!
i would if i were to test more i think just build perl from the CPAN
tarball rather than from the three chopped up debian packages (i
don't understand why it is in three parts...  well it could be set up
to solve the problem i pointed out with modules outdated but it is
not done)


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