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Re: mac installation

thanks for the link to the kernel deb !

my quadra 630 finally works now at the console.

but i had to reload/reinstall the keyboard maps:

"loadkeys us" to test/reload and "install keymap"
to install it. this because all the keys were wrong
i could not even log in.

but logging in via ethernet then i did the above
and got console to work, with the new kernel deb.

it is still i think pretty buggy though appears to be
more stable than before, last kernel i tried 2 months
ago, this time i was up for about 4 hours before it
got to thrashing too badly. i was unable with a great
patience to shut it down. seems to be some memory
issues, swapping itself or the program i was running
that wanted the swapping i am not sure, but it wasn't
swapping so heavily that it should be thrashing to a standstill.
(i put in the shutdown command and it tried but hung
with drive errors, although rebooting appears no problem,
only with running this perl script in 2.6.18 that uses
50mB of memory)

i would say more detail but it would probably confuse
you without a clear simple example. anyway i still am not
sure my disk drive is perfectly fine, am planning replacement.
(there are some errors from the drive at startup, although
i don't get them with kernel 2.2, who knows ??)

since there are still some 300 odd kernel bugs (down from
700 a few months ago) in all debian, i don't expect too much

I am still running a mixed install of sarge and etch, only parts
of etch i need. mostly this because i want to be able to run
2.2 kernel as fallback. actually am using the 68k very little (for
fear the disk is about to fail). also need more memory and not
sure i want to spend $ or if it would really help (have 36mB now
and the machine maxes out at 68, the only really good thing
about it is it does use ide hd).


ps FYI the "current" version of perl is actually getting on close
to 2 years old. there are about 12MB of modules update, even with
the upstream fresh build or etch (i know i have been building and
consistentizing it on all my machines the last few month, BTW it
builds fine with gcc295/linux2.4 or macos10.2/gcc3.3, but - ) which
takes almost as long to build install as the whole source. is anything
to be done about that ??

anyway i downloaded the 12mB ok the ethernet did not crash (mine
68k is ASANTE/LCIII/Nubus, not Sonic - slow but stabler maybe ??).
but when i was trying to run the updates when i got it stucking. maybe
i have to split it up or/and do some partly by hand. or i could try
the old kernel and see if that hangs too...

On 2/16/07, Finn Thain <fthain@telegraphics.com.au> wrote:

On Fri, 16 Feb 2007, Laurent Vivier wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I'd like to provide EMILE bootable floppy/CDROM image with linux 2.6 :
> where can I find a kernel image working fine (I mean with
> display/ADB/SCSI/networking working) on all macs (I mean already
> supported by 2.2) ?

There isn't one yet. But, if you can live without serial drivers, hardware
clock, IOP ADB, PMU ADB, IIsi ADB and 5380 SCSI, you're laughing. I'm
going to get the status page working again so that you can easily see
which models are affected. In a nutshell, quadras work OK.

Christian's kernel is as good as it gets:



> Cheers,
> Laurent

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