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Re: installing etch on atari

> Unfortunately the Falcon is continously crashing now, maybe I have to clock
> it down. But it seems I have also lost the software to slow down the
> clock... so I found xcontrol and put xcontrol.acc in C:, now I get a
> segfault during boot. Yeah, how do I get around that? Does zcontrol work any
> better?

You should try XControl that is included in the CT60-TOS package by
Didier Mequignon. On the other hand you can try both ZControl or COPS
(in this case WDialog is also necessary if you are not running Mint or
MagiC). They should all work.

> I don't have a ZIP drive, but I have a MOD, which is not recognized by
> hddriver it seems...

IIRC MO-Drives are handled like CD-ROMs so you have to use a CD-Driver
instead. Try MetaDOS or even better Spin! (by Julian Reschke) if you
want to avoid commercial software.
> Yes, I have a SCSI CD-Rom, the one that I bought for my Amiga a long time
> ago (so old, that it does not read cd-rw). I wouldn't even know how to
> connect an IDE CD-Rom or DVD to the Falcon, there is just one IDE port and
> the IDE cable has only one connector.

You need an adaptor with 1 x 2,5" connector and 1 x 3,5" connector. I
know where you can get one. :-)



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