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installing etch on atari

I am trying to install etch on my falcon/ct60, after I lost my woody
installation. There are no atari kernels on the etch CD from january, so I
tried with the latest 2.6 kernel. This kernel has many drivers built in, the
installation starts fine, but it does not have SCSI drivers, so I can not
access the CD-Rom. I am kind of stuck here, I am not sure if a hdinstall
would help here.
So I tried with the 2.4.30 kernel I built some time ago, this kernel has
scsi drivers and some network drivers built in. udev does not start with
anything < 2.6.15, so there are no special nodes for the cdrom. 
cd /dev ; mknod scd0 b 11 0 ; ln -s scd0 sr0 ; ln -s scd0 cdrom
fixes this, the CD-Rom can then be mounted (without loading any drivers),
the cd is scanned. Then d-i is trying to load the base-installer and the
whole machine freezes. I hope this is not expected, anything else I could


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