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Re: installing etch on atari

> > > Why not build a custom 2.6 kernel with scsi drivers built-in? The
> >
> > Because this would be the first real test of Atari SCSI in 2.6, I guess.
> > Should be fine for reading the CD though (depending on how prone the
> > Falcon is to DMA clock problems; make sure to boot in ST-High
> > resolution!).
> Yes, SCSI is disabled, but if you say it works, I can try. Thee is not much

Please do - if you have all my patches it should work (i.e. recover from
timeout/reset cycles).

I haven't been able to do much work on the kernel of late, but things
should be looking up now.

> to loose, the harddisk is empty anyhow. Is there another easy way to copy
> files, like installation files, onto an empty Atari harddisk? I could not
> get a CD-driver to work, I guess I copied most of the files with a floppy,
> but the initrd is too large for that, I don't remember how I did that...

split, perhaps. Or initialize the TOS partition first, then plug that disk
into a PC (taking care that the cluster size is <= 4k IIRC!) and copy the
files over.

No idea where split might be found - I can't seem to find a copy anymore.

Another option would be a SCSI Zip drive.

> st-high is bad, I just switched to vga16. The installer uses a lot of
> colours, it is difficult to navigate in just two colours. I ended up with
> installing in estonian or finish...

vga16 may be OK, depending on your Falcon.

> > I guess it would - we'd at least know how well the custom kernel works :-)
> I just used the kernel that is currently in debian, the latest 2.6.18. My CD
> is a snapshot from january, so it is not on there yet.

If that 2.6.18 still has SCSI disabled, you'll need a new one (you do have
a SCSI CD-ROM, do you?).


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