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Re: d-i problem with Penguin-19.sit (SOLVED)

G. Olson wrote:
WRT .sit, .sea, etc.

At the risk of stating the obvious, (and getting flamed), the Mac OS, prior to X identified files by type and creator parameters which are lost when a file is transfered by a non-Mac aware process. While a .sea (self extracting archive) is an executable, a Mac won't know this unless the type is set to Appl. This can be done by Resedit and other programs. Of course this still leaves the chicken
& egg problem of installing a Mac file from a non-Mac system.

A data file, such as a Stuffit archive, can be opened from within a stuffit aware program without setting the correct type creator. Later versions of the Mac OS
came with an extension/control panel to deal with "foreign" files.

HTH, Greg

There is a nice site in .fi somewhere that is a primer for everybody wanting to install software on MacOS/m68k systems, without any network connection, upto getting it network connected so you can download (FTP) stuff from the Internet, this all while leaving filetypes and creators intact. I've always cherished my printed copies, so let me have a look if they're still online. Yes! http://www.sjoki.uta.fi/~shmhav/68000.txt and http://www.sjoki.uta.fi/~shmhav/mac-internet-faq.txt. These documents proved to me to be a good primer about MacOS on m68k's (including the explanation of filetypes and -creators) and about how to connect them to the internet and install and FTP client.

HTH, Erik

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