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Re: Newbie Amiga install help

On Tue, Jul 17, 2001 at 13:33:08 -0400, Adam C Powell IV wrote:


> On "which package," I'm waiting for petsc to build (beware, it takes 45 
> minutes on a PIII-450!), but looking at the logs, it Build-Depends on 
> atlas-dev which doesn't exist for 68k.  Right now I have Build-Depends: 
> atlas-dev [!powerpc], lapack-dev [powerpc]; should that look like 
> atlas-dev [!powerpc !m68k]?  Or maybe just atlas-dev | lapack-dev?

I'm currently working on atlas, and it looks pretty good so far, but it
takes forever to build (something like 40 or 50 hours...). Anyway, with a
little luck there will be atlas packages for m68k sometime soon.


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