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Re: Newbie Amiga install help

On Tue, Jul 17, 2001 at 01:33:08PM -0400, Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> Oops, haven't incremented the counter in a couple of years.  It's more 
> than twelve years old. :-)
That sounds more like an A2k :-)
> Just looked and didn't see my card.  Oh well. :-(
Try booting the kernel, its not that big of a download.
> >Um, actually, no, they are not AFAIK. I suspect every Amiga user installing
> >linux has ADE (gcc+co) installed already.
> >
> I haven't touched the machine in five years, and mainly used it as a 
> VT100 with TV background for the previous couple of years.  (I'm so 
> ashamed. :-)
I am pretty sure I have bought ADE 5 years ago, and I downloaded gcc on many
floppies even before that. 2.6.3 or something? So even 5 years ago gzip and
co where available on the Amiga.

> On "which package," I'm waiting for petsc to build (beware, it takes 45 
> minutes on a PIII-450!), but looking at the logs, it Build-Depends on 
> atlas-dev which doesn't exist for 68k.  Right now I have Build-Depends: 
> atlas-dev [!powerpc], lapack-dev [powerpc]; should that look like 
> atlas-dev [!powerpc !m68k]?  Or maybe just atlas-dev | lapack-dev?
This is a question for the m68k-build list: build m68k-build@nocrew.org
I suspect it build-depends on atlas for a reason? I think I once tried to
build atlas, it ran wild absorbing all the memory (72MB+100MB swap).
>From the wanna-build database:
cts@kullervo:~>wanna-build --info atlas
  Package             : atlas
  Version             : 3.2.1-7
  Builder             : michaelf
  State               : Building
  Section             : devel
  Priority            : optional
  Previous-State      : Needs-Build
  State-Change        : 2001 Jul 13 16:44:57
  Notes               : uncompiled
  Old-Failed          : 
 -------------------- 3.2.1-2 --------------------
 broken source package:
 cd bin/Linux_fpu_shared && make sl3blastst.o
 /bin/sh: cd: bin/Linux_fpu_shared: No such file or directory
 -------------------- 3.0-8 --------------------
 lapack sub-build triggers an internal gcc bug.
 -------------------- 3.0-7 --------------------
 lapack sub-build triggers an internal gcc bug.
 -------------------- 3.0-6 --------------------
 lapack sub-build triggers an internal gcc bug.
 -------------------- 3.0-4 --------------------
 lapack sub-build triggers an internal gcc bug.
 -------------------- 2.0-6 --------------------
 This is really a monster of a package... It takes forever to build an in
 the middle it aborts due to lack of memory. And it nearly crashes the
 machine with this ("cannot load interpreter, out of memory"). Please don't
 try to build it.
 -------------------- 2.0-1 --------------------
 Complains that Make.inc doesn't exist. No idea how to make it...
 (see #50508)


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