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Newbie Amiga install help


I have a nine-year-old Amiga 2000 which I'd like to use to build my packages for m68k so they can go into testing. (One such package is three months overdue!) It has 1 MB chip RAM, and a GVP Combo Zorro card with 68030/68881 (all of ~250 kFlop/s!), 5 MB fast RAM, and a SCSI interface. I don't know whether this is enough to compile my packages, but would like to give it a try anyway, as it is the only released arch I have yet to install. :-)

The first problem is that the GVP Combo doesn't seem to recognize an external SCSI CD-ROM, there's no icon for it and PopInfo doesn't list the CD. I know this is off-topic, but can someone help me to "mount" it in AmigaDOS, so I can start the install?

Second, the insntall docs say something like "unpack the install.tgz into a directory". I assume this means AmigaDOS binaries of tar and gzip are included in the install CD?


-Adam P.

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