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Re: Newbie Amiga install help

Christian T. Steigies wrote:

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 05:38:04PM -0400, Adam C Powell IV wrote:


I have a nine-year-old Amiga 2000 which I'd like to use to build my
Nine only?

Oops, haven't incremented the counter in a couple of years. It's more than twelve years old. :-)

packages for m68k so they can go into testing. (One such package is three months overdue!) It has 1 MB chip RAM, and a GVP Combo Zorro card with 68030/68881 (all of ~250 kFlop/s!), 5 MB fast RAM, and a SCSI interface. I don't know whether this is enough to compile my packages, but would like to give it a try anyway, as it is the only released arch I have yet to install. :-)

Um, RAM is pretty tight, dunno about the GVP card. I have a GVP
SeriesII+SCSI, which I suspect makes my box crash from time to time, thus I
disabled the driver... did you check the linux-m68k pages?

Just looked and didn't see my card.  Oh well. :-(

The first problem is that the GVP Combo doesn't seem to recognize an external SCSI CD-ROM, there's no icon for it and PopInfo doesn't list the CD. I know this is off-topic, but can someone help me to "mount" it in AmigaDOS, so I can start the install?

Get amicdfs from aminet. Maybe you do not have the CD filesystem installed

I'll try this anyway, maybe support just isn't documented.

Second, the insntall docs say something like "unpack the install.tgz into a directory". I assume this means AmigaDOS binaries of tar and gzip are included in the install CD?

Um, actually, no, they are not AFAIK. I suspect every Amiga user installing
linux has ADE (gcc+co) installed already.

I haven't touched the machine in five years, and mainly used it as a VT100 with TV background for the previous couple of years. (I'm so ashamed. :-)

But if you suceed in mounting the
CD, you do not have to unpack a thing, just double click on the Icon which
represents your grafics card (or OCSECSAGA if you have none).

I'll try that and see what I can get to work.

Sometimes I
make lha files available from my potato page. I haven't done so for the
3.0.7 build yet, if somebody is really interested...

Thanks, I'll post any success or lack thereof. May take a few weeks though...

On "which package," I'm waiting for petsc to build (beware, it takes 45 minutes on a PIII-450!), but looking at the logs, it Build-Depends on atlas-dev which doesn't exist for 68k. Right now I have Build-Depends: atlas-dev [!powerpc], lapack-dev [powerpc]; should that look like atlas-dev [!powerpc !m68k]? Or maybe just atlas-dev | lapack-dev?

Thanks again,

-Adam P.

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