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Re: Security? Re: Somebody build python2 for unstable (please, please!)

Ingo Juergensmann wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 12:10:03PM -0500, Alan wrote:
> > I also went to the m68k.debian.org site that Ingo mentioned, where I
> > read about the buildd system; very interesting. I don't know if I want
> > to do it, but is there somewhere that describes the detailed
> > requirements for putting a machine on the buildd system? I have an
> > A3000/25 (may be too slow for this usage) that has set around idle most
> > of the time, though I'm trying to get back into doing some developement.
> > Does a buildd machine have to be dedicated to that purpose?
> Uhm, well, actually it is not exclusively necessary to dedicate a buildd to
> only this purpose. My buildd i.e. runs some (very low traffic) mailing lists
> and a *very* very small innd. It's multitasking, though... ;))
> But a 030-25 is not really the fastest machine on earth and every app
> running in background will significantly increase build times.
> Furthermore a buildd normaly needs a permanent line to enable access from
> other developers and it needs signifikant disk space.
> Assuming your A3000 does not have much Ram (it seems to be a stock A3000 w/o
> accel card), builds on this kind of machine would last *very* long.
> OTOH, it would not be the badest idea to have a general accessible m68k
> machine for all Debian developers on which they can build/test their
> packages on their own... ;-)
> --
> Ciao...                    // PowerAnimator & Maya Operator
>       Ingo               \X/  To boldly design where noone designed before!

Thanks for all the information about the buildd and friends system.
Though from the descriptions it does sound like my Amiga would not be up
to the task as a build machine. It is a bit more than a stock machine:
16MB RAM, ~800MB HD, AriadneII, CyberVision64. Even with the extra
memory, complete kernel compiles are only down to about 4 hours, which
is why I switched to do cross-compiles on my PC. Maybe I'll check into
the idea of a general developers machine.


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