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Re: Security? Re: Somebody build python2 for unstable (please, please!)

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 12:10:03PM -0500, Alan wrote:

> > I only find it disturbing, that Ingo is the only active m68k developer who
> > is reading this list, and although the fellow maintainers were told often
>              ^^^^^^^^^
> Which list are you refering to here: debian-m68k or m68k-build(one I had

Christian meant debian-68k list.

> never heard about) or another one? I'm confused, probably because I
> don't know all the aspects of being a developer.

m68k-build is for m68k builders and related things (hence the name ;).
Many of the m68k builders people are heavily under work pressure and
therefore not able to read this (debian-68k) list.
That's why I crosspost important mails but it would be better when this kind
of mails would also be addressed to m68k-build, 'cos it may happen that I
miss mails.

> I also went to the m68k.debian.org site that Ingo mentioned, where I
> read about the buildd system; very interesting. I don't know if I want
> to do it, but is there somewhere that describes the detailed
> requirements for putting a machine on the buildd system? I have an
> A3000/25 (may be too slow for this usage) that has set around idle most
> of the time, though I'm trying to get back into doing some developement.
> Does a buildd machine have to be dedicated to that purpose?

Uhm, well, actually it is not exclusively necessary to dedicate a buildd to
only this purpose. My buildd i.e. runs some (very low traffic) mailing lists
and a *very* very small innd. It's multitasking, though... ;)) 
But a 030-25 is not really the fastest machine on earth and every app
running in background will significantly increase build times.
Furthermore a buildd normaly needs a permanent line to enable access from
other developers and it needs signifikant disk space.
Assuming your A3000 does not have much Ram (it seems to be a stock A3000 w/o
accel card), builds on this kind of machine would last *very* long.
OTOH, it would not be the badest idea to have a general accessible m68k
machine for all Debian developers on which they can build/test their
packages on their own... ;-)

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