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Re: M68K boot floppies / CDs

On Mon, Jan 03, 2000 at 03:36:57PM +0000, Philip Hands wrote:
> "Christian T. Steigies" <cts@debian.org> writes:
> I'm afraid that that is not at all apparent to someone that's not
> closely involved with the m68k port.  Perhaps some sort of pointer
> should be put somewhere so that there's some chance of the mails going
> to the right place.
You are right in thats not that apparent. My excuse that I mentioned that
address before is probably a very bad one.
> We seem not to be closing the feedback loop that is required to make
> things work.  Not only are bug reports falling by the wayside (my
> fault for not mailing them to the right place, probably), but when
which bug report? 53683? Oh well, I prefer to think boot-floppies are
Michaels stuff...
Iven seen vincents calls for updated slink packages on the list, but I (as
most other m68k maintainers who still have a m68k machine) am running
potato. I thought Roman would handle this, but he did not see that message.
I reacted on the second call and forwarded it to the other list, but nobody
volunteered and the second fast build machine, which somebody wanted to
donate, seems to have vanished again. I had to install slink on my machine,
which is sufficient to build some slink-update packages, but I am not
familiar with building boot-floppies, my machine is not on the net and for
obvious reasons, we did not want to downgrade the (only!) build daemon to
slink. Tough times for slink boot floppies... but we had allready working
ones, with all the fixes for slink. Allthough not security related...

> they do get to someone in the know, their attempts are not getting all
> the way through the procedure that might actually result in them
> being installed on the archive.
> What can we do to fix this?
Talk about it, find a conclusion and then act according to it. This is step
one, so we are making good progress already. 

> Does each port need someone who is responsible for it overall?
Add m68k-build@nocrew.org here for the m68k port.
Seriously, I dont see anyone who wants to be responsible for it. Or better,
who can be responsible. One of us is running the buildd, one is answering
tons of user questions (many of those come up, only we were not allowed to 
update some slink packages, not security related, but I had allready
closed that subject), one is tired answering questions and tries to keep
contrib/non-free current and one has no working m68k machine(?). Did I miss
anyone? We could need a dedicated slink machine on the net or in Michaels
office ;-)
> Should I have reported this as a bug against debian-m68k, or some such?
Because we dont react? I dont think the debian/m68k porters have to read
that list, if you would read it, you would find reasons why not to read it.

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