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Re: M68K boot floppies / CDs

> My customers want m68k r4 CDs and they want them NOW. Please take whatever
> action is necessary to provide them ASAP.

Sorry, but as you will no doubt be aware, Debian is a volunteer project,
and the m68k port in particular is a very small team (four or five
maintainers, primarily occupied with finishing potato). 'NOW' isn't going
to happen, and 'ASAP' might take a while. 
> See threads
>   http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/debian-68k-9912/msg00056.html
> and
>   http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/debian-68k-9912/msg00087.html

See other posts on that topic here; I've tried a last minute build of
boot-floppies for slink r4 which failed because the only machine I could
build on was a potato installation, and I re-uploaded the boot-floppies
update originally done for r1 or r2. Please refer to the later messages in
the thread you refered to.  

I also gave Phil a rundown on how to create an up-to-date disks-m68k tree
by merging parts of the 0606 tree into 0301. In the meantime my
boot-floppies upload from last month got installed and partially made it
into disks-m68k/current. 
What's missing is the Amiga rescue and drivers disk and the lha and tar
archive, plus the Atari install.lzh - judging from the file dates; I'll
double check that with the md5 digests now. Result: the 
{amiga,atari}install.lzh and .tar files match neither the 0606 nor the
newly uploaded files. 

What's up to date - Atari: linux, drv1440.bin, root.bin,  lowmemrd.bin and
resc1440.bin. Missing: install.lzh (aka atariinstall.lzh in 0606) and
System.map.gz (aka sys_mapatari.gz). 
For Amiga: lowmemrd.bin. Missing: amigainstall.lha (aka amigainstall.lzh
in 0606 - my messup) , drv1440.bin, linuxamiga, resc1440.bin (from the
amigainstall.lzh _or_ amigainstall.tar.gz file on 0606, or from the
December upload), rootamiga.bin (not really required as nothing changed
in there) and system.map.gz. Somehow linuxamiga _was_ installed but into
0606 ... 

I have no idea who messed up where (beyond the delay in accepting my
upload because of a new PGP key) but now you know all you need to create a
working mirror of slink r4, and build your own CD images from that NOW.
Phil will no doubt fix his mirror ASAP :-) 

Hope this clears up the matter a bit. Besides, I can only agree that
yelling 'NOW' or 'ASAP' in a volunteer project is counterproductive. 


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