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Re: Open issue for the Curitiba (Brazil) Team bid / Bid decision meeting 2018-01-25 14:30 UTC

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> De: "Daniel Lange" <DLange@debian.org>
> How confident are you in your budget estimation of USD 25 per person/day
> average?

We are confident enough to use it as a **estimation**.

> Do you think you can negotiate the list prices you gave for
> Hotel Nacional Inn and Hotel Aladdin well into that range when reserving
> hundreds of rooms?

Yes Daniel, we think so.
This price is to book one room today. For sure when we will boook all rooms we will be able to discuss better prices.

> How much discount do you get for block reservations
> for the Mini-Debconfs or other local events (if you did such reservations)?

We did not.

> How much is a down-payment for the two hotels above and possibly San
> Juan Hotel which seems like a likely choice for hotel #3 based on
> distance and cost alone.

I don't see why is important to know this now.
Could you wait after we confirm (or not) if Curitiba will host DC19?

> NB: Please select the best one from local knowledge! I've never been to
> Curitiba so I don't know which one has comfy clean beds, is well
> accessible to disabled Debianites and generally a good place to stay.

I really think it's not necessary you remember us about that.

Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana (phls)
Curitiba - Brasil
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