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Re: Open issue for the Curitiba (Brazil) Team bid / Bid decision meeting 2018-01-25 14:30 UTC

Hi Curitiba bid team,

Quoting Gunnar Wolf from 23.01.2018 01:30 CET:
> Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana dijo [Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 10:23:33PM -0200]:
>>> You stated that "Samuel will go there this week and get a price"
>>> and that you will update the wiki bid page accordingly.
>> This was done because we needed to update the prices. But on the BID
>> we only quoted the price on the topic "BUDGET estimation".

I did not spot any update reg. hotels on
https://wiki.debconf.org/action/history/DebConf19/Bids/Curitiba besides
the (relevant) currency conversion rate and that was before the meetings.

>>> Yet https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf19/Bids/Curitiba currently
>>> still states "Nearby hotels and hostel" without any details, offers and
>>> prices.
>> On the last year, we had done a map with the 5 hotels and 1 hostel
>> nearby the venue, but we forgot to link it in the BID18 page.  So,
>> it's there in the BID19 page now. And you can see here:
>> https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/File:Curitiba-hotels.png

Thanks for linking that from the bid page.

As you have to adhere to
https://www.google.com/permissions/geoguidelines.html otherwise, I
suggest re-doing that in OpenStreetMap as a link to OSM is considered
sufficient attribution in non-substancial use cf.
https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Licence/Licence_and_Legal_FAQ and
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Lacking_proper_attribution .

https://umap.openstreetmap.fr allows you do do custom maps based on OSM
if you want to see
for a great example from DebConf17.


>> I'm really sorry that we had gave to you the impression that we
>> don't know anything about our accommodation. We believed that only
>> inserting the cost was ok.  Believe me, we are not crazy to build a
>> BID without had think about this topic :-)
>> We have the list of these hotels on the MiniDebConf Curitiba wiki,
>> but we did not list them on the BID because the sites are in
>> portuguese. Maybe we should to do that anyway.
>> https://wiki.debian.org/Brasil/Eventos/MiniDebConfCuritiba2018/Hospedagem
> It's in Portuguese, but the data are mostly readable for anybody :-) I
> would just add two requests here:
> ‣ Exchange rate between Reais and USDollar/Euro/... for better
>   readability for non-Brazilians. As of right now, according to
>   xe.com, it's 3.20BRL per 1USD, or 3.92BRL per 1EUR.
> ‣ Availability of rooms. How many rooms does each hotel/hostel have?
>   That, together with their prices, distance to venue (or hotel
>   quality, or whatever) can be a guide as to how we would try to fill
>   them up.

Seconded. We need the amount of beds available to us from each of them
so we can see how many places we need to spread DebConfers through.

Hotel Nacional Inn seems to be the closest. Sort the table from
by distance, add the amount of double rooms, single rooms,
other rooms and in sum total beds per line as long as we need them to go
over the amount of attendees you expect. Then go to each of the hotels
and confirm they are available in the date range. Document this on the wiki.

Bonus points if you manage to do that before the bid decision meeting.

> Of course, I understand you are presenting "public" prices. I guess
> that, if we are to approach (say) Hotel Nacional (as they are closest)
> and tell we want to book it all, we might get preferential
> pricing.

Or we may get the info that they are completely booked during the
proposed dates by another event. Or closed down for renovation.
Not likely but why go the risk?

This is why we need to have a confirmation from the hotels. Obviously a
pre-reservation would have been ideal (and that was what I asked for
since 2016) but as long as we have an email confirming availability and
pricing that should be good enough now as we can do a formal reservation
soon if we find sufficient confidence in the Curitiba bid to confirm it.

Kind regards,

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