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[Debconf-team] DC10 date options

OK, we now have two options for dates from the Columbia Conference Housing
people. Here goes:

a) June 12th-27th (including setup, debcamp, debconf, departure/cleanup)

Pros: - nicer weather (less hot/humid than option b), on average by about 2
		      degC and 1.1cm of precipitation, though NYC weather is
                      more variable this suggests during both time periods)
      - all lodging in one building
      - doesn't conflict with European vacations
      - less relevant whether the lodging has air conditioning
      - works nicely for Sledge's vacation ;)

Cons: - we might not be able to get sufficient lodging to use this option
        due to possible renovations; would know for sure at an unknown time
        in november
      - some lodging slightly further away than in option b) but still
      - doesn't coincide with European vacations
      - one talk room would be unavailable during DebCamp due to an
        overlapping ACM conference; more people would therefore be around but
        we would still be able to get enough space for DebCamp purposes
      - lodging doesn't have air conditioning
      - less time for planning/prep/sponsorship/talk review

b) July 24th-August 8th (including setup, debcamp, debconf, departure/cleanup)

Pros: - we can get a commitment on this option now; they have tentatively
        blocked out 300 beds for us, with it being easy to add more
      - coincides with European vacations
      - one of the lodgings has air conditioning, though others don't
      - no scheduling conflicts for venue rooms; wide open right now
      - lodging is on average closer than in option a) and overall at least as 
        close, though it's not a huge difference
      - more time for planning/prep/sponsorship/talk review

Cons: - The weather may be a bit hotter and more humid
      - lodging spread out over two/three buildings, but all of them are much
        much closer than MT and FdS were at dc9 (2-4 minute walk between them)
      - it's more relevant that some lodging lacks air conditioning, though
        fans plus open windows will likely be an effective substitute
      - conflicts with European vacations
      - works badly for Sledge's vacation :(

Thoughts? My vote is b), though both have compelling aspects to them.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz

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