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Re: [Debconf-team] DC10 date options

Jimmy Kaplowitz dijo [Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 12:23:25PM -0400]:
> OK, we now have two options for dates from the Columbia Conference Housing
> people. Here goes:
> a) June 12th-27th (including setup, debcamp, debconf, departure/cleanup)
> (…)
> b) July 24th-August 8th (including setup, debcamp, debconf, departure/cleanup)

I also tend to side towards b) - Mainly due to:

> Pros: - we can get a commitment on this option now; they have tentatively
>         blocked out 300 beds for us, with it being easy to add more

The least uncertainty, the better

>       - coincides with European vacations

Well, this is mostly a NOOP - Vacations are good for some, bad for
some. Of course, it would be even better a week or two earlier, as it
would fully coincide with _my_ vacations, but who am I to spoil the
fun for all? :-)

>       - one of the lodgings has air conditioning, though others don't

Is it really _that_ bad? I mean, I know we would have hated it in
Cáceres if we didn't have A/C all over, but I don't expect NY to be as
extreme as Extremadura.

>       - more time for planning/prep/sponsorship/talk review

We still have plenty of time... I do not rank this _very_ high.

> Cons: - The weather may be a bit hotter and more humid

How discrete are your bits? If it is 2°C higher avg. as I understood,
no big deal

>       - lodging spread out over two/three buildings, but all of them are much
>         much closer than MT and FdS were at dc9 (2-4 minute walk between them)

Lodging will be anyway not in the same venue as hacklabs/auditorium,
so centrality will be affected anyway. I do not think this will be
_that_ bad.

>       - it's more relevant that some lodging lacks air conditioning, though
>         fans plus open windows will likely be an effective substitute
> (…)

I hope this not to be too much of a killer issue.


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