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Re: [Debconf-team] [Debconf10-localteam] DC10 date options

A little extra information about which buildings, and where those
buildings are, might help folks with some additional data, such as
time/space calculations for logistical purposes. Have a look at this


Primarily, the sessions, hacklabs, etc. will be held in the Columbia
University SEAS Venue Rooms (if you look on the left-hand side legend,
you can find that text, which you can click on to get the map to show
you where it is).

* Jimmy Kaplowitz <jimmy@debian.org> [2009-10-14 12:24-0400]:
> a) June 12th-27th (including setup, debcamp, debconf, departure/cleanup)

This option would use the McBain building, find the name of the building
on the left-hand side legend, and click on it, it will bring you to the
location of the building on the map. For those of us who did a
site-visit, this building was one we walked by and was on broadway and

To enter the main campus, people staying in this building would need to
go up Broadway 1 block, and then down 114th to the entrance which is
about 1/4 of a block down. Then walk up through the campus to the venue
rooms, the campus is nice, and the walk is not far (650m).

>       - some lodging slightly further away than in option b) but still
>         manageable

Just for clarification, this wasn't to mean that there was more than one
lodging, strike the word 'some' in the above and you'll get it right.

> b) July 24th-August 8th (including setup, debcamp, debconf, departure/cleanup)

This date/location would use the buildings called River (on the other
side of Broadway, we didn't visit it on the site visit, but it was
pointed out to us) and Ruggles (near 114th and Amsterdam, this building
is across the street from the entrance). You can find both of these on
the map.

Ruggles is 500meters from the venue rooms, River is a bit further
(700m), but the difference is basically within 150m. River is a block
further north than McBain, and then more to the west. 

As pointed out on IRC, the distances are probably stepping into
bikeshedding they are so trivial.


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