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[Debconf-team] Corporate/Professional in penta, and changed categories?


I had some questions about the data in penta, which came up while
preparing for the final report.  I'm wondering if anyone could have
accidentally could have been moved out of the corporate or
professional categories[0].

Here are my records from before the conference, who has paid according
to schultmc, and what penta says now:

Corp  Prof
4     25    My records on paper from before the conference
4     21    How many people have paid
2     23    What penta says now

Both of the corporate attendees who are no longer marked as corporate
had selected "own accom".  And they both *did* pay corporate.

I'm not sure about professional people, there are too many for me to
keep track of  them all...

It seems that more people paid in cash at the front desk, not all of
which schultmc has info for.

Penta reports we have eight NHI who have paid various amounts[0].

In Penta we have three Independent who are listed has_paid=t,
has_to_pay=f, and no amount listed in amount_paid.  (and aren't
attending DebCamp either).  These may just have been errant field
toggles either due to bugs or something.

I would volunteer to help work this out, but since I wasn't there I'm
not sure if I have enough information to work it out.  When poking
around in the penta data, I'm seeing more weirdness in the fields.  I
could try to work this out but I'd rather someone with more knowledge
about what went on there work on it or help me (Thanks to schultmc for
the help so far)....

So, I'll wait for comments from -team before I dig into this more.
(Yes, I volunteer to keep on top of this for DC10.)


- Richard

[0] It just occurred to me that this is the same problem we had with
people being set to Non-Hosted Independent much earlier.  If that is
the case, then it provides an even greater reason to do something
about these penta bugs and do some penta development.

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