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Re: [Debconf-team] Request for a debconf keynote

On 11370 March 1977, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:

[Long stuff dropped]

As interesting this thread is - the debconf-team list is *not* the place for it.

First - it is not the debconf-team list who has the final decision about
talk accept/deny, that task is given to the papers team. That team,
in this thread represented by Ana and me, already asked for an event
submission so we can go and do our work. As long as we don't get that we
can't decide. So please - don't reply to the list, fill in an event
submission. :)

Second, and that goes to everyone involved in this thread, not only Mark
 - the debconf-team list is also not the best place to hold the
type of discussion in where the thread now seems to go to. Its about
organizing DebConf. The right list for the thread, as it looks now, is
debian-project@lists.debian.org. So if you want to continue: Please do
so on that other list. Thanks!

bye, Joerg
Could you please add me to the mirrors@debian.org alias. I'm not receiving
enough spam.
  -- Andrew Pollock

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